this video was a ride from start to finish

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EVERYDAY THE SAME DREAM is an art game about alienation and refusal of labour. You are a faceless, unnamed man going about his business. The game has alternatives endings. Will you end up going to work and working in a little cubicle like every day, or will you take another route and do something different for once? 


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this is the most TERRIFYING game i think ive ever played

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all I do anymore is sleep, feel bad for myself, and take selfies

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POC: Hey you know that racial slur that your people made up to dehumanize mine?
White person: I know of it
POC: Don't say it any more
White person: Well you are fucking racist for telling me I can't say a racial slur and you are oppressing me by denying my rights to speak freely

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when you and your friend see someone you hate

Milford Sound in New Zealand

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Nor do I want it.

Is that why you shot Drake in the ass in that one episode of Degrassi


The sickest burn in tumblr history.

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at my graduation dance since my grade only has 17 kids in it including me we each got a speech made about us as we entered the dance and the first line of mine was “she is known for breaking every single dress code rule in our school’s history”

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*spits out drink*

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no offense but what the fuck am i doing

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Uwe Kowski

Tauchen, 2013

Oil on canvas

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